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What is the EZ Streets Empowerment Zone?

EZ Streets Zone

  • Davis Boulevard between Smithfield Road and 820
  • Boulevard 26 between Harwood Road and 820

Exclusive Benefits

This is a specific area where businesses and property owners are eligible for certain public benefits not available in other areas of the city. Benefits include a mix of:

  • Expedited Review of plans, permitting and inspections 
  • City Fee Discounts or Waivers including plan review, inspections, permits, etc.
  • Customized Grants to assist with building renovations and property improvements
  • Variances to Development Code in order to accommodate case-by-case property nuances
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EZ Streets Benefits Explained

Expedited review of plans, permitting and inspections

  • Time is an important factor and EZ certified projects result in faster turnaround times for plan review, permitting and inspections, as they are prioritized over non-EZ certified projects.

City fee discounts or waivers including plan review, inspections, permits, etc.

  • In order to maximize EZ certified projects, typical costs allocated toward city fees can be placed toward the construction portion of the project.

Customized grants to assist with building renovations and property improvements

  • Depending upon the financial feasibility of an EZ certified project, the city may be able to assist with costs associated with improvements to sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, parking lot, hardscaping, façade, drainage, building code, etc.

EZ Streets to provide development flexibility and expedited variance requests

  • A zoning overlay district will complement EZ Streets to reduce development hurdles related to existing building and site constraints. Any variance requests to code would also be expedited as part of the EZ Streets program.


What makes the EZ Streets unique?

The zone represents an important part of the city as both boulevards (Davis and SH 26) accommodate over 30,000 cars per day and contain a considerable amount of business activity. This area was a catalyst for city growth in the 1970s and 80s, but has now matured. 

In this zone, the city recognizes that in order to meet today’s business needs while attracting customers, these properties need to overcome physical, functional and visual obstacles to be able to compete with newer properties, newer parts of town and newer parts of the region. One size does not fit all, each property and business in this zone requires a unique and customized plan in order to be viable, competitive and successful.

Who is eligible within the zone?

Commercial properties within the EZ Streets Area, specifically landlords, owner-occupied building owners, and tenants with landlord approval.

What types of improvements are eligible?

Eligible improvements include but are not limited to exterior painting, exterior lighting, exterior signage, restoration of architectural details, addition of awnings or canopies, exterior masonry, exterior stucco, storefront windows, sidewalks, parking lot improvements, parking lot reconstruction, hardscaping, landscaping, outdoor patios, sign removal and new sign construction.

How does it work?

While it starts with an application and ends with an agreement, it really begins with a conversation about what’s preventing the property from maximizing its potential. Ideas and information are shared to determine whether a common vision exists. If so, city staff will help facilitate the application process.

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