Residential Districts

Single Family Residential 

Market research indicates that more and more households want improved accessibility (indicated by shorter commutes), a diverse land use mix (indicated by nearby shops and services), and various mobility options (indicated by good walking conditions), often selecting smaller lots and attached homes with these location features. 

City Point includes plans for just over 370 single family homes including approximately 125 detached urban homes, 45 detached bungalow homes and 200 townhomes. Each residential type has unique lot sizes and setbacks, as demonstrated by the table below. Urban homes are defined as 2 and 3 story homes measuring 22’x50’, with a minimum 1,500 SF living area on 1,482 SF lots. Bungalows are 1 to 2 story 35’x55’ homes with 1,250 to 1,600 SF living areas on 3,000 SF lots. Townhomes are 2 and 3 stories with a minimum 1,500 SF living area, 1,540 SF lots and homes are 22’x60’. Builders include Ashton Woods, CB Jeni and Mattamy Homes.

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Multi-family Residential

This 8-acre district is zoned multi-family to surround and support the City Center Commercial district. Centurion American and the development community have the flexibility to pursue a variety of multi-family densities, including the potential for structured parking, enabling the unit count to reach a maximum of 600 in the 8-acre district. Unlike garden apartments that are typically 2 stories, Centurion and the development community will explore podium and wrap style construction methods that result in 4 and possibly 5 stories with elevators and interior hallways and stairwells. A developer has not yet been selected, but this page will be updated as information becomes available.

In a separate development near the City Point site, construction began in 2019 on a 10-acre project adjacent to Municipal Court. This multi-family community named “26 at City Point”, developed by AG Spanos Companies.

Urban Home Rendering

Mattamy Homes

Bungalow Home Rendering

Bungalow Home

Townhome Rendering

CB Jeni Townhome

Multi-family Rendering

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