City Point Development

Centurion American Development Group is developing the area known as City Point, which consists of 52 vacant acres surrounding North Richland Hills City Hall on Boulevard 26 south of Loop 820. City Point is a planned development with a mix of uses including 70,000 square feet of commercial space along City Point Drive and a hotel on the corner of Boulevard 26 and Rodger Line Drive. There will also be 370 single-family homes and approximately 400 multi-family residences. The development will be completed in phases and is expected to take 5 years to reach build out.

Construction began in early 2020 on the public infrastructure to support City Point including streets, sidewalks, street lighting, water lines, sewer lines and drainage improvements. Districts within the development include Single Family Residential, Multi-family Residential, Open Spaces, Trails & Amenities and Commercial and Hospitality. For additional details and to view City Council meetings related to this project, visit

City Point Overall Layout
City Point Districts