Information for Business and Property Owners

For assistance with construction matters affecting your business, please contact the Economic Development Department of the City in which your business in located.

For businesses in North Richland Hills:
NRH Economic Development
Craig Hulse, Economic Development Director

For businesses in Watauga:
Watauga Planning and Development
Jacquelyn Reyff, Planning and Development Manager
Denise Wilkinson, Economic Development Coordinator

Temporary Signage

Your business is allowed additional temporary signage to direct customers to your entrance only when construction has commenced immediately adjacent to your business or when construction is taking place within 300 feet downstream of your customer access point located on the same side of the street. Businesses wishing to display temporary directional signage must apply for a temporary signage permit. Displaying signage without a permit to do so will result in a violation.

Signage Requirements:

  • Only commercial properties whose access is impacted for a period of two weeks or more are eligible for additional signage.
  • Signs may only contain the name of the business and a directional message/graphic. Signs promoting products and services are prohibited.
  • Signs may be located at the property line, but shall not be placed within the street or roadway right-of-way.
  • Only one on-premise sign is allowed per parcel. One off-premise sign may be installed provided written permission is obtained from the property owner and the sign is located within 300 feet of the business it is advertising.
  • Signs shall be constructed of lightweight materials, such as a yard sign or an A-frame sign, and shall not exceed six square feet in area or 30 inches in height.
  • For North Richland Hills businesses, fill out the sign permit form (PDF) and return to the Development Services Department at North Richland Hills City Hall (4301 City Point Drive, NRH, TX 76180).
  • For Watauga businesses, please contact Denise Wilkinson for assistance at 817-514-5813 or .